Don’t Play Russian Roulette With Your Microsoft Software!!

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As of 14 January 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide technical support, software updates or security updates and fixes to a range of Microsoft software, including Windows 7. While your PC will still function, if a problem occurs, there will be no-one at Microsoft patching security holes in the operating system.

This leaves your PC at major risk for viruses and malware and none compliance for a lot of businesses. In order to protect your business and continue using Windows then it’s recommended that you upgrade.

How do I know if I am still using Windows 7?
Look at the bottom left-hand corner of your screen. If the Windows logo is a circle, rather than a square then you really should investigate further to ensure that your business doesn’t end up playing software Russian Roulette!!

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Here at 39D we can pride ourselves on our customer service and provide all the Technical Support you would need. Not only can we help onsite but we also provide 24/7 network monitoring, as we know how important it is that your business stays online at all times. If you would like to discuss your Technical requirements before the end of Windows 7, then call us now on 01279 800 039. Or you can email [email protected].