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The Yealink YHS33 is an over-the-head style headset compatible with the T20P, T22P, T26P and T28P handsets

Yealink YHS33 offers a comfortable experience, durable life cycle, superior voice quality and competitive price

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Ultra noise cancelling microphone
Quick disconnection cord
Ultra light weight only 50g
comfortable wearing for all day use
330°rotatable microphone boom
Pliable steel headband, large size ear pad

Yealink YHS33 Headset: comfort and affordability in one
The Yealink YHS33 is the ideal choice for office workers who need a headset that they can wear for long periods without any feelings of discomfort. Even call centre agents and SOHO would find it appealing especially when it comes to the performance quality

The best notable feature of the Yealink YHS33 is the excellent voice quality. One common problem with headsets are their inability to keep out external noises that tend to interfere with normal conversation. This makes it difficult for people to hear each other during the course of a conversation. The Yealink YHS33 headset is equipped with an ultra noise cancellation technology that ensures unwanted background noises are eliminated. With a sensitive high gain microphone, every conversation is assured to be no less than excellent

The Yealink YHS33 was created with comfort clearly in mind. Every aspect of this headset is design to make wearing comfortable even if it is going to be used for a long period of time. For instance, the boom microphone, weighing around 0.01 oz, is considered ultra lightweight. It is also rotatable by 330 degrees. In fact, the entire headset has a total weight of only 50g, one of the lightest in the market. This in effect results in comfortable wearing that is fit for all day use

Although designed from light weight materials, strength is not compromised. The boom microphone can withstand rolling of around 30,000 times or even more. As an over the head style, the Yealink YHS33 can be used with either a left or right ear. For protective purposes, it has a feature known as Active Protection. This prevents high levels of acoustic burst that may damage the user’s sense of hearing. Another interesting feature is the Quick Disconnection jack. This is useful if the worker needs to leave for a short period of time. The one metre cord line provides a sufficient amount of spacing between the worker and the IP phone unit, without any form of inconvenience

In general, the Yealink YHS33 offers great features that can easily make itself the perfect choice for users who manage and monitor frequent calls. With the excellent voice quality and superb comfort, it’s no wonder why most users prefer this type of headset over the other models and equally popular brands. Competitively priced to be affordable, the Yealink YHS33 fits just right into the budget requirements of companies who need reliable headsets for their daily operations

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24 Months Warranty



Noise Cancelling

Headset Style

Mic Boom Style

Number Of Ear Pieces
One (Monaural)