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How we protect your data

39D has spent years ensuring your data is safe when we working with your network. We use a range of physical and software based secuirty with in our help desk.

24/7 Monitoring

We monitor our network 24/7 365 days a year including Christmas day. There is always a member of staff on duty to ensure maximum up time.

Data Centres

We full audit all of our Data Centres for their security and protection methods.

Idenity checks

Our team undergo a full background check and a 5 year work history check to protect your data and systems

Access Control

Our office is secured by 24/7 access control. We log all access to a offsite location and this is reviewed weekly by our management team.

24/7 CCTV Monitoring

Our office is monitored by HD CCTV which is stored both on site and off site. This is held for 3 months. We monitor this 24/7 from our remote NOC

Secure location

Our office is located on a airfield which during the night and at weekends is protected by barrier and gate control. Only approved people have access.

Remote access logged

Our remote software logs any action carried out and is held for up to 6 months in our secure locations.

Account Access

When ever a member of staff access your account on our CRM we are able to audit what was viewed. All actions are logged

3rd Party

We secure your data from 3rd party's by validating every request from a list of approved end users / 3rd parties

Secret methods

These are only some of the methods we use to protect your data. We do not fully disclose all our methods as they are being developed.